MF 100% Solid Epoxy

This product is ideally suited for garage floors and industrial floors. Offers supreme resistance to your floor. It is available in several formats. Please contact our specialists for more information!

Two-Component 100% Solid Epoxy Coatings.

Designed for applications requiring a colored and resistant floor. These epoxies are recommended as a topcoat or base coat on concrete or masonry.

More than 20 color choices

Epoxy Laval, Epoxy Montréal, Epoxy Rive-Nord, Epoxy Vimon, Epoxy Rive-Sud, Revêtement Laval, Revêtement Montréal, Revêtement Rive-Sud, Revêtement Vimont, Revêtement Rive-Nord, Epoxy Garage, Revêtement Garage, Revêtement industriel