Floor Covering

Floating Floors

Over the years, the evolution of the floating floor has given rise to wood-like textures, ranging from the most rustic to the most extravagant. To date, many replicas of wood styles are available at a fraction of the price of a similar real wood product.

Made of a high density compressed wood fiber core, a wood imitation decorative paper and a protective layer of aluminum oxide, the floating floor offers great resistance to scratches. Laminate slats are easily and quickly installed using a system of blades and grooves. No more headaches, we fit the slats together and voila!

Come see us in store to see all the styles offered!

Vinyl floor

The process of making a vinyl floor covering can reproduce just about any surface, finish and color. Technological advances in printing now allow us to perfectly imitate the appearance and texture of natural components such as stone, wood and slate. The modular format of the tiles and boards allows you to alternate the patterns to create original and unique decorations.

To provide maximum durability, vinyl flooring is made up of several layers including a urethane wear layer for maximum resistance to scratches. If damaged, the vinyl planks are easy to replace. It is also recommended to keep a few additional tiles during installation.